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About Bella's Buddies

Our Cause

Bella's Buddies was founded in response to the global Covid-19 outbreak. We are devoted to continuing to improve English literacy skills of students who are unable to access the same level of learning during this time, as well as mentoring and emotionally supporting those who are having trouble adjusting to the circumstances. We believe that reading is an important pillar of education and a lifelong skill. Students who are reading below grade level in third grade are four times as likely as their classmates to drop out of school before receiving their diploma, and dropping out of school or failing to attend college causes some severe consequences for future of an individual and for society as a whole. High school dropouts are more likely to be arrested or have a child while still a teenager than those who graduate from high school. Bella's Buddies fundamentally believes in the importance of reading as a tool for lifelong success. 

Additionally, we strive to alleviate some parental stress caused from parents working from home while simultaneously being forced to also entertain their youngsters. We provide free mentoring and "remote daycare" via zoom; anything from talking about their favorite books or movies to what they did today. You can request topics for us to discuss with your children when making an appointment. 

The Curriculum

We provide free one-on-one online tutoring in English reading & writing via the video conferencing platform, zoom. Our goal is to continue student's improvements in their English literacy skills, despite the government-mandated closures of schools across the globe. We provide free online tutoring for their assigned school work in English reading & writing in addition to providing them other assignments to continue their improvement at the parent/guardian's request. 

We also provide free online mentoring for children who are having difficulty adjusting to their newfound situation at home brought about by the Pandemic, need emotional support/someone to talk to, or simply just want to tell us about their days. We will have discussions about their favorite books, movies, TV series, and brainstorm some fun activities to do at home!

For those who are unable to join the online sessions, we are working to stream videos on our website of read-alouds of books for kids to listen to and practice their comprehension skills. We fully accept and encourage any book suggestions you or your child may have! 

Any Other Questions?

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Wondering How to Help Out?

Wondering How to Help Out?

Bring Children's Books to Western Kenya: This is not our organization, however, it is one that we fully support! "Books for Africa collects donated books from around the US and packs them in shipping containers and sends them where they are requested at only the cost of shipping."

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